Meet AMBER & Brandon


Hello! I'm Amber. Owner, creator and operator of Evermade Soap. Just a little about me... Well I'm a spouse, a mother, a entrepreneur and more. I stayed home with the kids for 8 years before starting a business. As the kids have grown I felt I needed to find a way to bring in another income to help out but I knew I wanted to be able to make my own hours and still be home with my kids since we home school. My spouse Brandon was completely on board so we sat down and brain stormed.

I've always loved making things. Whether it was making my own soap or crocheting a beanie to sewing a blanket. If I could learn how to do it I would make it. Making skin care products was one thing that I really enjoyed. My mother-in-law actually is the one who got me started. LOL! She's been making her own products for years now and I would try them out or she would give them as Christmas gifts and I always loved what she made. So with this new found love cough... cough... obsession I started researching like a mad woman. I wanted to make everything possible. After a couple years the whole business idea came up. I knew I wanted to but was hesitant. There were already so many businesses and just the whole didn't want to fail stopped us. But now fast forward couple years we decided to give it a try and here we are.

The support from family, friends and local residents has been outstanding. I want to reach even further out into the states. Which is why I made an Etsy shop. I hope all my customers enjoy my products as much as I do.